Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My kitty Chip (formerly known as Autumn) died two days ago. He did not pass from old age; there was much suffering involved, and it pains me to think that possibly I could have prevented it. Was it caused by the storm? Was it an accident? 
I'll never know. 
I was surprised at myself as the tears came...and came. And hours later, came back again. 
I was much more attached to this little guy than I thought. 

We got him when I was 10 - mom and dad surprised me with him and his brother. I would carry them both around, one in each arm, their back legs dragging to the ground. His brother was soon off on his own adventure, and I never saw him again. 
It was Chip who stuck around, and purred his way into my heart. 

I never understood pet portraits....
until now.
I've decided to do portraits of all my pets from here on out. This was the lost photo taken of Chip - just a few weeks before he died. I'm so glad I have this picture. As Dad said, I got the lost shot of him.
"Say a prayer for Chip, because he's in heaven now."

Monday, June 28, 2010


We loved Minnesota. It rains a lot in Hawaii, but it never storms. We got our fill of them in the Midwest. They were a touch scary, but oh so beautiful. The lightning shows were better than the fireworks at the Ellsworth Cheesecurd festival!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

City Beautiful

(This ox almost punctured a hole in Ben and Rachael)

The trip down to Nauvoo was fast and furious. We drove through horrendous weather - one city even had flash flood warnings - but we made it in one piece. It was wonderful to see some familiar Hawaiian faces!
The city of Nauvoo was beautiful as always.
Did you know it was at one point renamed the City of Joseph? The saints did this after Joseph Smith's martyrdom; in his memory they rebuilt the city to its neatest condition, as a token of their love for Joseph.
The early Saints suffered so much to have the gospel in their lives. Their example is one that I will cherish forever and it reminds me to be willing to make the small sacrifices I must in order to keep the gospel in my heart.

The temple was magnificant as always

Monday, June 14, 2010

Smiles all around

This is what today looked like:

My dad has been planning a 50th wedding anniversary for my grandparents for the past year. This was the main reason for Adam and my visit out to Minnesota this summer. It was simply splendid. My great aunts and uncles were here, and we laughed till we cried.
My dear sweet grandparents have had their definite ups and downs - but one thing is sure - they both made the decision to stick it out and work things over. They both made each other important enough to not give up on. I'm grateful for their example and pray Adam and I can follow in their footsteps!

Tomorrow? Headed to Nauvoo to meet up with friends from BYUH

Friday, June 11, 2010

a sweet taste of home...

Minnesota sure knows how to do greeeeeen. So beautiful. Even Adam - the island boy - is impressed with its colors, hills, and "there's so much space!" We are loving our visit.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dauphinee Family Photos!

While we were in California, I took Adam's sister's family pictures. Their little boy Gabe was a true model and gave me every face he could think of BUT a smile. Their daughter Lydia was a hoot and wanted nothing to do with hugging Gabe or holding his hand; however, we did get some great shots and had lots of fun!

To view the rest of them, click here.
Noelani got us into Disneyland for free in exchange for her family photos! It was a great trade...we had a blast. Pics coming soon. 
We are currently in Minnesota...loving spending time with family. Miss you!