Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This lovely couple....

is getting married in 6 days.
And I am so excited to be their photographer!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Antsy Pantsy Artsy Fartsy

There is a little something about graduation that is just 
and I'm pretty sure its called
Worse than high school.

Because now, I have to start a career. A job. You know, earning money. 

All these plans running around like little leprechauns, just barely out of reach, and I can't quite tell if they are
actually there or not....

Anyhow, I was in such a mood of "unsettled"-ness. So much anxiety; wanting to move on, yet recognizing I still had hours of homework due before I graduate...before the end of this month...
by tomorrow (and of course, I haven't even started on it). 
Instead, I'm surfing the net for the next house we get to live in,
puppies I want to buy when I'm no longer in TVA and am allowed to have pets
and looking for jobs that pay enough to keep a puppy alive (plus my husband and I, of course).

On top of this anxiousness to move on, lately I have been feeling so incredibly inadequate. 
I look at other people's blogs (this is going to sound pathetic)....and all I can think is, "40 comments? Are you serious? The most I've ever gotten is 2!" 
Or, "I should just give up. My photography will never compare to theirs." 
It was quite pathetic.

The point is....I stumbled upon this lovely article as I lay exhausted in bed.
And it completely put me in my place. 

All things in order.

Prayer before food.
Scriptures before homework.
Homework before play.
Graduation before job.
Job before puppy.

Inappropriate or irrational concern for how our efforts compare to the accomplishments of others will result in unnecessary frustration and spiritual decline. Diligent attention to our duties, our inspired choices, and recognition of our limits will enable us to "win the prize."

Go Ensign! For always knowing what I need!

As far as the artsy part of this post, I did manage to finish my very first wedding album. I sent off for the prints, and am excited to mail it off to the bride and groom who have been so patient with me!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Keep Walking

Our bishop told us to just keep walking. 

Walking is just falling and catching yourself every time.
I must have faith that He will catch us. 

I have so much desire to learn more and grow more
yet feel so sluggishly inadequate

Still working on K+T's wedding. Beautiful couple. They made my job easy.
Here's a page from their album I am working on.