Friday, November 30, 2012

This month I....

- Became a Nanowrimo Winner for the second year in a row!! Don't know what that means? It means I wrote 50k words towards a YA novel I'm working on. I did not "finish" the novel, but am about 2/3 of the way through what I have outlined for it.

- Started watching Switched at Birth. One of the main characters in my novel is deaf, so I like to call it "research."

- Voted "in person" for the first time. Last election I voted absentee-ballot. I really actually liked standing in line, waiting to vote, surrounded by other Americans doing the same thing. It showed me Americans valued their sovereignty, and even though I did hear a lot of complaining, they still stuck around. Voting still meant enough to wait.

- Experienced that moment when I got into the shower and stepped on my baby's bath toys and felt like I wasn't old enough for this to be happening yet.

- Celebrated Axton's 6 months birthday. By "celebrated" I mean I sent a text to Adam that said, "P.S. Axton is 6 months old today." And got a text back from him the next morning that said "Happy 6 months and 1 day Axton!" Then I took a picture - this half laugh/ half scared of whatever Mommy is doing behind the camera is the best face he'd give me.

- Watched as my son started to crawl!

- Payed for someone to cut my hair for the first time in two years. Every other time I've just waited for my mom to be around to cut it for me.

- Bought a pair of size 3 skinny jeans and was feeling pretty hot and all that jazz....

...until I found a hole in the crotch. I'd like to believe that it was there when I bought them (since I did buy them from a thrift store) and not caused from me actually not fitting into them...

-Hopped on the Twilight Bandwagon....I know, I know, I'm about, what, 6 years late? And maybe you think this is weird or unexpected or lame, but there will be a post about this soon, so just hold your horses!

- Laughed till I cried at this link: I love people.

- Cried till I laughed at this video:
Not really, but I did think, "Man I was a dork in high school." (I'm the one at the far left with the ridiculously long and blonde pony-tail).

- Have woken up more times in the middle of the night this month than I EVER did when Axton was a newborn. Like, 10+ times some nights. We are trying to do things a little differently around here and Axton is struggling to adjust. Plus, it didn't help that he slept with me practically the whole time we were traveling and now I'm forcing him to sleep all alone in his crib in the closet.....

- Traveled to Minnesota with Axton and without Adam. And it was WAY harder than when he was only 8 weeks old.

Don't let that cute face fool you. Look what happened while we were trying to get through security:

....Yeah that was no fun. And neither were his sleeping habits. But hey, at least he was able to meet his great-grandparents! And of course, spend time with his Grandpa Seely.

This picture is beyond priceless to me. I get a little choked up every time I look at it.

Hanging out with Gramps. Studiously.

- Traveled to Pennsylvania with Axton and with Adam AND with Kaleo. We are VERY pleased and proud to report that Kaleo only threw up ONCE the entire 12 hours of driving, and that was five minutes before we got to their house. We couldn't believe it. We didn't even drug the guy, he just did it himself!!!! Yay!!!

Axton looks so grown up to me in this photo! :(
- Caught a glimpse of what life would have been like had I had twins. Yikes.

- Re-realized how much I love Taylor Swift and was supremely sad to learn her concert had sold out minutes after opening for purchase. Here I was thinking I could buy tickets a whole week after they were available! So naive. Adam bought her cd for me and I feel a little better.

- Got to visit my dear friend's sweet baby, Rylee. She only weighed 6 pounds. I never got to hold Axton when he was that small. In fact, I've never held any baby that size before her, and I cried just a little bit at the miracle-ness of it all.

Then I took some pictures.

There is the month of November! Can't believe December is tomorrow....