Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Its been awhile...its time to play catch-up from the last 2 weeks!
The night I made my last blog post, we received a surprise ding-dong ditch with these lovely beauties:

We are suspicious of Miss Erika Dick and her....er...creative abilities. But her boyfriend, Travis, had a much nicer result. I ESPECIALLY LOVE the "HP Vs. Voldy" scene that he successfully pulled off (please note the pixie-stick wands!).

This definitely cheered me up after being sick in bed with a cold all day and missing out on gingerbread/graham cracker houses!

The following weekend was the Nutcracker Ballet, one of Adam's Christmas gifts to me. It was sooooo good. There was so much talent. The dancing was amazing and the symphony was flawless. We also enjoyed a nice dinner at Chili's and dessert at Red Mango, a new favorite frozen yogurt shop.

The 22nd was Keola and Phil's reception, which was lots of fun! I took some photos of the couple before the reception, and here is a sneak preview:

A snapshot of cutting the cake:

 The next day was the beautiful wedding day at the Kona Temple on the Big Island.

That day we drove back to Adam's Dad's house and spent the night with Dad Harrison, Teresa, her son Isami, Adam's sister Noelani and her husband Sam, and their kids Gabe and Lydia. We opened Christmas presents with them the next morning, Christmas Eve day. We had to catch our flight back home at 1 pm. However, Adam and Sam ended up catching the stomach flu or something, and were sick all morning. Poor Adam, having to fly in the plane one hour after...welll....yeah, not good. Thank goodness he was feeling well enough to open Christmas presents on Christmas Day!
We moved our mattress out to the living room so we could sleep under the tree Christmas Eve. Please note all the leftover wrapping paper and boxes....yeah, we got spoiled this year...

It was so perfect because Adam got me a tripod for my camera, and my dad got me a remote control for my camera, so that's how we were able to take this shot with no one else around!

On our way up to Adam's mom's house for a Christmas with the fam, the North Shore waves were GINORMOUS (like this post). The roads were packed with cars and surfers and tourists and innocent bystanders galore. Of course they look tiny captured on a camera, but if anyone knows Shark's Cove, they know this is a wee bit abnormal.

Waimea, too:

and, favorite accidental shot of the day

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Photography Blog

Stayed home from church today. Feeling very sick. Runny nose, sore throat, slight fever. So, I updated my photography blog with some quick shots I took over the weekend around our apartment buildings.
Here's a preview:

Friday, December 11, 2009


Last week Adam got inducted into Upsilon Pi Epsilon- the one and only honor society for the computing and information disciplines! He had to be in the top 35% of his class and have at least a 3.0 GPA. His Dad, Teresa, Grandma and Boyfriend (cute!), and mom came to watch the ceremony. He got a nice certificate and even a little medallion. I'm so proud of him! He is such a hard worker: in school, in work, at home, at church, in his family. I'm very blessed to have him as my husband. Here are some pictures:


Friday, December 4, 2009


So...for those of you who don't know what MARSH day is (previously known as MARSSH day), its a special day that falls on the 2nd of every month. My first MARSH day was April 2nd, the first 2nd of the month after Adam and I started dating. We spent the whole day together - we both skipped all our classes and traveled around the island taking pictures, sharing secrets, playing models, and falling in love. Adam provided the name - Meghan Adam Rose Sione Seely Harrison (our full names alternated, but now that I'm married we eliminate the first S).

Lately our MARSH days have been a bit limited, as school is very busy. However, this last Marsh day, I came home to little post it notes for me to find around the house.

Also, Adam surprised me with an early Christmas present- tickets to see the Nutcracker Ballet! I am so excited; we are going December 18th. It will be a nice treat after  the stress of finals.

Speaking of treats, I found a fun recipe that I made for Adam for Marsh day. To explain, the other day Adam and I opened our refrigerator to discover one of those huge, Costco sized tubs of cream cheese that we did NOT purchase. We both asked each other, "where did THAT come from?" For a minute there it was really weird (did someone stumble into the wrong apartment with a tub of Cream Cheese?) but then we realized it was probably left here from the bridal shower. So I went searching for recipes with cream cheese in them so we could somehow make a dent in the thing. And this is what I found! As if chocolate chip cookies weren't bad (good) enough, let's add some cream cheese filling to them.

This is how Adam and I continue our courtship throughout our (3 month long) marriage! Much love and aloha!