Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dodgin' Bullets and Solvin' Mysteries

Saturday certainly was a unique one. At 5:30 in the morning, we woke up to pounding on our door and a man's voice calling, "Adam and Meghan!" We soon found out from more than one person that a tsunami warning had been issued for Hawaii, and it was planning on hitting at 11:30. We had to pack backpacks with food, and we had limited water containers. I was sooo grateful we had just gone grocery shopping and had stocked up on lots of easy to grab food. We also packed up our tent, some clothes, and bedding.

The news said it was expected to be worse than the tsunami that hit Big Island in the 60's (which, too, was caused by an earthquake in Chile...odd coincidence). We drove up the mountains a bit to Hawaiian Sacred grounds, where the Hawaiian studies had a farm they kept. It was a little valley area, and we were not to climb on the surrounding walls because they were very sacred. We were a small community of about 200 people, and the "leaders" told us they expected us to be there at least until nightfall, if not spending a night or two there. Adam helped some men dig a pit for a latrine area while Rachel and I listened to the radio. It was such a hot and sunny day. I hadn't packed any shorts and I was exhausted. We set up our tent and tried to sleep while we were waiting but it was just too hot.

It was such a bizarre feeling to know that, basically, people around the world were waiting to see what would happen to us, ME, on Oahu. If our little island was going to be taken out....that it could be me people see on the news as a "disaster-struck area." It was so humbling, and was actually a blessing in disguise.

I know that what the prophets tell us is REAL. Never leave your car with less than half a tank of gas. Never go without some sort of food storage - as much as you can manage. Always have a few gallons of water on hand. Realize that times will only get worse. It is happening - these are the last days. Who knows, maybe the next time this happens, it won't just be for "practice," and maybe we won't have an 8 hour warning - like those in Chile. My heart truly goes out to them because we were close to being in their place. But somehow, we were spared. Scientists know what they are doing, they estimated disaster. Yet....they were wrong. The Lord is in control and he protected us. But one day, it may be our turn for disaster, and we must be prepared- physically and spiritually. I'm so grateful for all the prayers that were said for us.

.....The All-Clear call came around 2 pm. We were so relieved and so exhausted. We went home but kept our car packed in case anything else should happen. We slept for a few hours. However, we knew that our show must go on - we still had a party to host! It was a small dinner party for a combined birthday celebration for Adam and I. We had our favorite people over and had a murder mystery! It was so much fun and everyone's characters actually really matched with their personality. What a riot this crowd is!
My fav part was when Nate ran outside, trying to dodge the police (he was just following the script!) and Ben tackled him down, right in front of a huge crowd of the Japanese club that was holding a meeting in the yard outside our apartment! They probably thought we were crazy! Then, when Keola (Gigi) and Ben (Lloyd) were arguing about wishing they had never married each other, Nate pointed out that our neighbors probably had their ears pressed against the wall, wondering what Adam and I could be arguing about! So much fun!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ice Skating

We met up with all of Adam's family to go ice-skating in celebration of Adam's birthday on February 22 and my birthday on March 6th. It was so much fun; I hadn't bee ice-skating for more than 3 years! We got to be pretty good near the end. We were definitely picking up speed, at least. Neither of us fell down once! It was so fun to see the kids (and Sanoe) wobble their way across the ice! Adam got a brand new scooter from his family- one with big wheels so he won't break it and he doesn't have to dodge the cracks in the sidewalk. Its so fun!

We also got a crockpot from Mom Harrison! I can't wait to start using it, so if you know of any good recipes, please let me know!
Making faces through the protector wall!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Big Island V-Day

We flew to the Big Island over Valentine's Day and went to the Kona Temple. It was such a wonderful weekend, so relaxing! It was our "catch up" weekend...catching up on sleep, anyway. I think I did maybe...20 minutes of homework!!! Now I am ready to push on to the end of the semester. Adam had his dad buy roses for me to be waiting in our room when we got to the house! He is so sweet and thoughtful. He proves to me over and over again that he is the right man for me. I am so lucky - he is the epitome of kindness. I love him so much. Here are some lovely photos.



Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good Friends, Good Day

Home-made enchiladas tonight for dinner, with sauce made from scratch and corn tortillas (instead of canned sauce with white tortillas...a million times BETTER!)

We watched the game with friends and lots of food. Adam and I didn't even know who was playing in the game until we sat down to watch it. We ended up rooting for the Saints once we heard it was their first time making it to the Superbowl (gotta go for the underdog, yeah?). Guess we chose right! We also had our home-teachers over tonight. They shared an interesting story:

A man was carrying a cross, and was beginning to feel very tired and weary with it. He was wandering around, trying to get rid of this heavy burden. He stumbled upon a store, and when he entered in, he found Jesus there. He also saw crosses of all different sizes and weights in the store. He told Jesus he wanted a different cross, one that wasn't so heavy. After searching around, sizing up all the crosses, and, not wanting one too large or small, he finally chose. He pointed to a cross and said to Jesus, I want that one. Jesus said, Sure, you can have that one. That's the one you came in with.

I think this story illustrates that the Lord knows us better than we know ourselves. He knows what is best for us, even if we don't realize it right away. Especially when we are going through difficult trials, it may be hard for us to see the purpose or reason behind things. If we have faith in the knowledge that the Lord will not allow us to suffer more than we can handle, and that in the end, "all these things shall be for our good," then we will bear with patience our afflictions. At times I wonder why others around me have it "so much easier" than I do, but this is a good reminder to me that we all have our share of burdens that are fit for our lives and personalities. Our cross is made for us, and with the Lord's help, will not be heavier than we can hold.

And....because I try not to post without a picture, here are some fun shots I found on Adam's camera. They were long gone and forgotten until tonight!This is one from our honeymoon:
The one above is the Sunday we decided to do Sabbath Hopscotch while in Tooele, UT. Every square had to have something to do with church or the gospel: music, eternal families, temples, marriage, sacrament, journal writing.
This one is on our way for me to get my endowments out.

When we went to Avatar (probably my new fav movie, by the way)

And some good ol' wedding shots

Oh happy day!