Sunday, April 18, 2010

Since you've been gone....

Well, really, since WE'VE been gone, off the blog, anyway.... lots has happened!!!

I've done two engagement photo shoots (which you can see both on my I am Photography facebook page). I'm scheduled for 3 weddings this summer - contact me if you are getting married this summer and need photos!!!

I've had a birthday! Wahoo! No longer a teenager. As you can see below, I needed new shoes..

So, Adam got me cute new pink Pumas! 
I also took a trip to Utah for the National Undergraduate Literature Conference! There I presented a research paper on Philip Roth's Goodbye, Columbus and was able to hear all my peers present their papers as well. I was able to go to the Ogden temple twice, which was so nice. Michael even drove down to watch me present and go to the temple with me.

 Since I was in Utah, I was able to spend Easter with my mom, Michael, sister-in-law Keola, and my brother Jeremiah. We watched General Conference and dyed Easter eggs!
I also entered a photography slide show of some of my images into an Art Exhibit Competition - and I won! I was awarded a certificate and $250. You can view my slideshow here. 
We went bowling with Adam's family to celebrate Keola and Kiara's birthday. My magnificent score of 26 and mad chucking skills wowed the whole crowd!

Lastly, and the REAL reason why we have been off the blog for so long..... WE SURVIVED WINTER SEMESTER!!!!! This was the hardest 3 months of my life. 18 credits. 16 credits of english, 2 credits of online religion. 16 hours of working at the Reading/Writing Center on campus. Taking an extremely jet-lagged, 5 day trip to Utah the week before finals, and being newlyweds certainly took a toll on us. But, we both are officially SENIORS in college now!!!! Only 2 terms and a semester left and we will have a degree in our hands!
Oh, and by the way, these are the books I read in the last 3 fact, this is an understatement....