Monday, December 2, 2013

I played my best for Him

I have never really liked the Christmas song "The Little Drummer Boy." Really, the only thing I could think of when I heard it was Dwight humming the song because he knew it was Angela's favorite (see here, if you have no idea what I'm talking about).

Anyway, it just never was one of my favorites, I felt no attachment to it. But then today, this link was floating around Facebook and I clicked on it. At first, I opened the video, pressed play, and then went to another window to work on something else. I slowly found myself more and more distracted from what I was doing, and more intent on listening to the song, and eventually I clicked back to watch the video and the people performing.

This was the first time this song ever struck me as beautiful. And it wasn't just that these were talented a capella artists either; it was the lyrics. Their music made me focus on the words.

This song tells the story of a little boy who is told to go see the newborn king. "Bring your finest gifts!" they tell him. "To honor the babe."

I imagine the drop in his stomach as he hears about and sees others' gifts they are bringing to lay before the king. He is poor, and has no money with which to purchase a gift for this king. He only has one thing to offer. And yet - and here is the beautiful part to me - he goes anyway. He goes to seek the King, knowing that his gift in no way compares to what everyone else is bringing.

He shows up and in all humility and grace and pure love, he gives the one thing he can:

Shall I play for you?

He doesn't have much, and what he does have is meek and lowly, but he "played his best for Him." The little boy gave his all.

And after Christ had heard him play, as Mary, Joseph, and the animals stood round and listened too, Christ lifted His eyes and smiled at that poor little boy. He accepted His gift with gratitude.

Today, this thought touched me. I may not have much to offer Christ this holiday season, but I have my talents. I have my heart - and if I can only be humble enough to play my best for Him, and un-distract myself from the glitter and the glow of everyone else's big, shiny, perhaps expensive gifts, then maybe He will smile upon me, as well.

I love this time of year. Merry Christmas!